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Expedition Divers are comprehensive providers of diving solutions for global travelling superyachts, expedition yachts & marine research vessels.
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Matt Rutledge
Born in the UK. He studied Marine Biology at JCU, Queensland, Australia. He is a passionate advocate for the preservation of the marine environment.
A professional underwater cameraman who has worked in locations globally, extensively across the Great Barrier Reef, Egypt, Mexico, Bahamas and Belize.
He also has over 12 years experience working onboard private superyachts as either a Private Instructor for individual clients, underwater cameraman or as a Captain of specialised diving support vessels and expedition yachts.
Matt is a qualified MCA Master 500gt, Diver Medic Technician, Hyperbaric chamber operator and DAN - Diver Safety Courses Instructor.
Matt really enjoys supporting remote location projects plus as much shark research as he has the time for.