Specialised Dive Services


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Expedition Diving
Worlds best Diving, Remote location dive research, Global diving logistical support for Superyachts, Diver Medic & Dive Safety support, Risk Assessment & Guidance. Comprehensive Dive equipment & dive safety equipment.

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Dive Courses & Yacht Crew Safety Training
PADI - Authorised resort set up onboard yachts, Professional diver development, Yacht diving Risk Assesment, Specialist yacht crew training

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Underwater Film & Photography Services, Specialist underwater imaging equipment, Drone Cameras, Multimedia editing & post production, Film & photography tuition courses.

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DAN- Divers Alert Network Courses
Invaluable diver safety and medical courses for divers and yacht crew. Structured courses in First Aid, CPR & Basic Life Support, Oxygen Provision, AED, Hazardous Marine Life and Neurological Assessment.